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Santowasso’s - Total Property Development
291 Friendship Road
Cranbury, NJ 08512
Phone/Fax: 732.230.3330
Email: info@santowassos.com

Brett Santowasso began his career in Land Development/Landscaping in 1993 at the age of 15 when he started working for a local garden center.  It was there he learned not only how to identify a wide variety of plant material, but also in what conditions they thrive.  Brett worked at this garden center for the next six years expanding his knowledge further to installations, maintenance and pruning. 

In 1995 Brett opened his own company, Santowasso Lawn Service and Snow Removal Inc., focusing mainly on lawn maintenance.  Santowasso’s grew by leaps and bounds, doubling every year for the next four years.  During this time he took numerous ornamental horticulture classes including; landscape design, landscape installations, pruning, plant identification, and integrated pest management classes at both Delaware Valley College and Cook College (two of the most renowned horticulture schools on the East Coast). 

In 1999 Brett wanted to expand his knowledge further by incorporating land development so he put his company on hold and worked for several excavating and paving companies over the next six years. It was during this time he learned the art of grading and drainage as well as heavy machine operating. 

In 2005 Brett began working at one of the fastest growing home builders in New Jersey in their Land Development Department as their Bond Release Manager inspecting all aspects of site work from landscaping and grading, to concrete and asphalt.  It was during this time Brett realized the lack of attention placed on homeowner’s actual property.  Seeing so many beautiful new homes on lots where poor topsoil and commercial seed were used combined with uniform basic landscaping from house to house left something more desired.  Brett saw an opportunity to provide a service that would encompass the last 14 years of his experience and make these properties complement their houses. 

Over the past 14 years Brett has learned that dedication and workmanship are what this field is missing the most of.  By maintaining only one crew which he will be a part of everyday he can keep the focus on delivering only the best quality and paying the closest attention to detail. 

Santowasso’s - Total Property Development
291 Friendship Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512   •   Phone/Fax: 732.230.3330   •    Email: info@santowassos.com
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